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Rome, also referred to as the Eternal City and the capital of Italy will be the 11th most-visited city worldwide and the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. It is said of the allurement of the city that one can live here a lifetime but not view it all! Not surprisingly that does not necessarily mean you should miss out on the awesome sites; this is why there are various types of Rome tour packages you could decide among: from tailored or private walking tours' to 'bus tours', or even 'guided tours', all tailored in your convenience.

Rome tours: Rome is a fantastic city for walking. You need to allow yourself enough time to just wander that allows yourself to experience just what the Romans call "la bella citta" or "The beautiful city"! There's nothing like witnessing the Eternal city in the early evening, immersed during the dusky Italian sunset through taking to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, the Palentine Hill and Contantine's Arch. Other famous sights you have to choose to adopt to/check out add the Colosseum, Vatican City, Vatican museum and Gardens.


Rome bus tours: Hop-on and hop-off as you want using the open top bus tours; opting between a more northern route passing the Borghese Gallery and Piazza del Popolo or to the more central portion of Rome passing the Quirinale while running alongside the Tiber. You do not have to fear losing on the sights by choosing one over another as the routes criss-cross and run alongside the other person at various places, where you may switch from a way to the other one as and when you would like.

Rome guided tours: Expert-guided tours, with native English-speaking guides are another very enjoyable option for folks who prefer to hear the interior stories of the most basic sites and museums. Take our word because of it, through an Italian-speaking friend or reading a guide book will assist you to a degree nevertheless, you don't really know what you lose out on before you check out one of these brilliant expert-guided tours for the best complete history and stories. They are not referred to as 'experts' for absolutely no reason!

Last of all, make the most efficient usage of your holiday in the Eternal City. Do not need reminding to consider together with you a good high-end camera to capture the memories, and that you should share with your near and dear ones! Enjoy!
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