The Celebrity of Maplestory M Mesos

Which will be the first things which you think of when seeing the words Big bang? Nobody wants "pre Big Bang" .The ones who believe they do, desire, in least, "pre potential" (that was months prior to Big Bang). But some want pre-Aran, Maplestory M Mesos and a few want Pre-Cygnus, and some desire pre-Pirate, and some claim 4th occupation and Mages' spammable ultimates are what ruined this game.

But all of them only really want their joyful innocent childhood.

I'd attempt to train in a Drakes map even in super deserted maps but people would come and lag the place with their abilities and also attempt to ks to make us kill quicker. Despite asking those people to not kill steal our mobs or junk their abilities that cause lag, many of these players don't and will not listen 90 percent of their time.

Previously, elite bosses were only available to those of the identical degree range involving wages. Even though there were kill stealers trying to seek the Elite boss, there was not half the server coming over and causing the lag. The new way of recieving benefits from Elite bossing have generated a huge problem with kill stealing and too much lag with the individual who is trying to train their character in peace.

I suggest we bring back the old method of level range only personalities, which are allowed to get the benefits instead of "whoever hits the elite supervisor, gets at least 1 benefit" method. I know people depend on these Elite Bosses to earn More About Maplestory Mesos  from them but they shouldn't have to ks the player or induce the player to lag by bothering their gameplay. If the community can't learn to respect other people, then I think they will have to adhere to a new set of principles in order to get what they want.image
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