Threat Assessment!

Close Quarter Combat training will not be about an even playing field, It truly is about being sure that the specific situation you're involved in is actually a completely uneven playing field along with the scales are tipped as part of your favour. Consequently, you must always produce a thorough executive protection service of the person you are about to take part in conflict with.


Our objective is survival. It is actually to instruct you how simply to walk away and survive each particular debilitating situation, whether or not the threat you're related to is twice as large as you, massively muscular, and wants to fight. The goal is to check out using an improvised weapon to defend yourself because we realize the scales are certainly not tipped in this favour. Smart people tip the scales within their favour when street fighting. When making threat assessments, we are searching for common 'carry signs' for example - is that this person carrying a weapon, is there an imprint of a weapon, what is the clip of a tactical folder present or perhaps is there and imprint of any hand gun? Being aware of a weapon threat causes us to be aware of the dangers that might be involved in engaging with this particular person.

We also have to consider if your threat has any friends present., is he by himself or does he have back-up? Many of these things determines the type of tactics that individuals may need to use. For example, the inclusion of friends indicate it could stop being the smartest tactics to go into there and try and grab the opponent down to the floor, holding them there till the police come. Why? Everyone knows that it must be very likely that our opponent's mates will likely come straight in and engage us. A logical assessment of a situation like this is to take into consideration using a very heavy striking-orientated module. Most importantly, the striking module used should immediately knock on the opponent, inflicting severe damage. The aim is always to maximize the psychological impact preventing others engaging, because in group situations people often adopt a 'pack mentality'.

In case you begin striking someone, and strike them again and again, along with the conflict happening for a long time, what starts out as a one-on-one encounter quickly leaves you outnumbered. The pack will begin to relocate since they note that there is very minimal chance of them getting injured. However, when you get inside and apply very heavy striking blows intended for weaknesses in the human anatomy to quickly knock people down, the pack will tend not to engage. They logically asses the risk on their own safety if they join the fray. Threat assessment is a thing you need to do in a few seconds, and you should practice all the time to ensure you are going to have the appropriate survival instincts and skills to defend yourself in your life threatening situations.
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